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Angela Reid

Real Estate Agent, ERA

Downtown Newberry

My vision for Newberry is to continue to have growth but still have that small town feel. Downtown is booming, the housing market is steady, and Newberry has become the "hot spot" for Millennials to move to raise a family due to the low crime rate; thanks to our LEO's! The county is still a popular destination for those looking to retire;  with affordable housing, a wonderful hospital system, and many entertainment options.

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is to treasure the moments - make more of them with your loved ones. Life is really not about material things - its about making memories. 

At 20 years old, I was a sophomore at Newberry College. Looking back, I would have not taken Dr. Keith Wagner's History class (I didn't need it for my major, barely passed the class, and it caused me a lot of stress). I also would have spent more quality time with my Father. He passed away about 4 years ago when he was 64 - worst day of my life.

You would be surprised to know that I attended a middle school and high school of the performing arts in Jacksonville, FL - just like "Fame." From 7th-12th grade, I spent about 2.5 hours a day in dance class at school on top of the "regular" classes like Math and Science. My concentration was in classical ballet. I am a huge supporter of the performing and visual arts and truly believe it is essential in a child's development.