Our Favorite Quotes:

Gloria - Do your best and give God the rest.
Janet -  As long as there is wine, everything will be fine.

We admire our moms, Dot and Ruby. Gloria and Janet laugh all the time about how they have turned into their moms, but seriously, both were the loving and caring people and taught us values and the importance of hard work to accomplish our goals. We would be lucky to be Dot and Ruby.

Gloria Freeman & Janet Jordan

Co-Owners, Two Gals and a Fork Food Tours

Downtown Newberry

Gloria is originally from Columbia and Janet is from Sumter. Janet attended Newberry College for 4 years in the 1970's before Newberry was so cool. Both live at Lake Murray now. Janet is still very active with the Newberry College Lettermen's Club and has seen firsthand how Newberry has grown and blossomed over the years, which helped a lot in our decision to expand our food tour business to Newberry. Both Janet and Gloria love the small town feel, and the restaurants and store owners have been so welcoming to our new business. Our tour guests say it is like stepping back in time, and the restaurants are really really good!

Our vision for Newberry is to see Newbery keep that small town friendly folk atmosphere with more restaurant options starting up in the downtown area. We absolutely LOVE the Standard on Main building and even encouraged Mellow Mushroom to give it a look-see when Flying Pie closed. Our vision is to bring more and more people to Newberry to experience its charm.   Many of our tour guests are from Columbia, Chapin and Irmo and have already made return trips to Newberry to eat at the great restaurants.

The advice we would give our 20-year old self is to follow your dreams, work hard, and be dedicated to accomplish your goals.  Also, be thankful for each day and the blessings you receive.

You would be surprised to know that Gloria was one of the first aerobics Instructors in Columbia, and Janet is in the Newberry College Athletic Hall of Fame (inducted in the same class with Jimmie Coggins).

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