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My vision for Newberry is 

(Vickie) two-fold: first, I would love to see more local shoppers downtown. We have many familiar and new faces in downtown Newberry, and I believe our shops will continue to bring more. There are retail stores that offer a variety of goods and services, restaurants, coffee shops, along with businesses for hair, skin, and wellness. Secondly, I want others to see Newberry as a wonderful place to live. Young people starting out, couples beginning life together and maybe starting a family, folks looking to simplify and enjoy a less hectic lifestyle can all find the home they’re looking for in Newberry.

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is 

(Vickie) Enjoy each  phase of  your life because you only get this point in time once. And when faced with adversity know that you will get back up, your heart will mend, you will forget and one day in the future, it will all come together and make sense. 

Quick friendships fall apart easily. You don't know someone until you've experienced many of life's ups and downs with them. The ones that are with you through joy and heartache are gifts from God! Treasure them!

And last but definitely not least, buying shoes too small with the hope that they will stretch out is a bad idea.

You would be surprised to know 
(Vickie) that I am not from Newberry County- my marriage brought me here to which I am very grateful!  

Jane Roberston, Janel Thomas, and Vickie Wiseman

Co-Owners, Southern Renaissance

​Downtown Newberry

My Favorite Quote: 

​(Vickie) “We live by faith not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7