Christina Henricks
Tamra Tootle
Gloria Freeman & Janet Jordan

Sara & April DeShields,

Co-Owners, Expressions Beauty Salon, Downtown Newberry

Brandis Agnew Robinson
Mary Moore

Newberry Downtown Development Association (NDDA) celebrates Newberry’s abundance of successful women leaders: Newberry Empowers Women. Join us as we highlight these amazing ladies who make a difference in our community! Click on their images to read more about each one!

Laura Kneece

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Joy Sheppard
Brandi Worthy

Christina Henricks,

Newberry County Joint Planning Commission; Project Manager, SC Dept. of Health & Human Services

Samie Troung, Cheif Creative Officer, Emily Revolutionary Marketing Group; Newberry County Young Professionals Board Member; Miss Newberry Committee Member 

Downtown Newberry

Gloria Freeman & Janet Jordan, Co-Owners 

Two Gals and a Fork,

Downtown Newberry 

Tamra Tootle, Division Director, City of Newberry; Executive Director, Miss Newberry Scholarship Organization; Newberry Opera House Guild Board,  Downtown Newberry

Laura Kneece, Newberry County Coroner; Newberry County Chamber of Commerce, Board Member, Downtown Newberry

Peggie West & Denise Reid,

President & Vice President, Newberry Museum, and Newberry Opera House Foundation Board Members, Downtown Newberry 

Joy Sheppard, Co-Owner, Newberry Manor,

​Downtown Newberry

Brandi Worthy, Manager, Martin Street Beer Parlor,

​Downtown Newberry

Please share with us if you know a woman who is empowering Newberry.  We would love to add her to our growing list. Email us at: NewberryDowntown

#NEWberry: Newberry Empowering Women

Mary Moore, Restaurant Manager, Figaro The Dining Room,

Downtown Newberry

Brandis Agnew Robinson, Owner,

Trendsettaz Hair Studio;

President, The Champions,

Downtown Newberry

Sarah Allen, United States Postal Service City Carrier,

Downtown Newberry

Peggie West & Denise Reid
Sarah Allen
Samie Truong
Sara & April Deshields