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Miranda Rosensteel

Owner, The Cotton Shed

FASTTRAC participant, 2006, 2008

Downtown Newberry

I am from Newberry. My entire family lives in Newberry so it was never in my thought process to leave. My husband, children, and myself are happy to live and work in a town that we love so much.

My vision for Newberry is that Newberry will continue to experience the growth that is has in recent years while continuing to be one of the best places to live and visit. I think that the things happening in Newberry are amazing, we are being recognized nationally on best of lists and this doesn’t happen with out great effort by our businesses and our residents.

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is to just breathe! Time passes quickly enough without wishing it away. We get so wrapped up in making our mark on the world and establishing our professions that we forget to live in the present because we are worried about tomorrow.

You would be surprised to know that I love going to school. I would be a professional student If I could afford it.

My Favorite Book:Gone WIth The Wind