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Tami Folk

Owner, Pet Styles on Main

​Downtown Newberry

I admire my children.  I admire many people for different reasons, but the two people I admire most are my children.  They have both grown into strong Christian adults. Heather is an amazing wife and mother who works full time as a pharmacist but gives everything she has to her family and church.   Joshua has a great job and is one the most hard working, respectful young men you'll meet. They've just both accomplished so much in their young lives and in this day and time that's something to be admired.

 was born and raised in Newberry so the people of Newberry are like family to me.   I purchased Pet Styles On Main 10 years ago after being a stay at home Mom. I've always loved dogs and this business has brought me more joy than I could have ever thought.  The best feeling is when I get a rescue dog in the shop, they are scared and lonely and sometimes sick, we get them back to health and place them with great homes. I look forward to many more years of taking care of the furbabies of Newberry.​

My vision for Newberry I think Newberry has done a wonderful job with tourism with the Opera House and the many festivals we host. There  are a lot of new people moving to the area and I would like to see something for the children of Newberry. When I was growing up we had the movie theater, skating rink, public pool, a mini golf course and arcades...Except for sports (which we have wonderful programs for that) there is not really a lot for children to do and not all children are interested in sports....And of course being who I am, I'd love to see a dog park.

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is to set your goals high, but make them flexible because what is important to you now will change through the years.   Life is going to knock you down and you're going to make mistakes...pick yourself up, forgive yourself and keep moving forward and  always God and family first

You would be surprised to know that without my husband I would not have the businesses I have today.   He encourages and supports me through everything I do or want to do. He is my rock.