Vanessa Jackson

Owner, Out on a Whim

​Downtown Newberry

As a teen going into college, I could not wait to leave Newberry and explore a larger city. While gone, I realized I missed the familiarnesss and friendly faces of our little town. So, I came home and have stayed in Newberry ever since. There’s no where else I’d rather be in the world. Newberry is my home. It is where my friends and family are. Everything I need is right here in our beautiful sleepy town. My husband and I look
forward to watching our two young sons grow up in Newberry.

My vision for Newberry is a Downtown Newberry full of life with a bustling Main Street. Store owners that
work together to ensure each shop carries a variety of unique items that fits their store's personality. And patrons that choose to shop locally rather traveling to larger cities or
corporate stores to shop.

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is to slow down! Enjoy what you have right now in this moment. Don’t rush! Don’t think you are blooming faster or slower than you should be. God has a plan for you and it will all be in his time, not yours.

I admire moms! Those that work full time at their job and go home to their second job of cooking, cleaning, laundry and raising your little ones. As well as those moms that work oh so hard 24/7 at home maintaining a house and raising their children. Mamas Rock!

My Favorite Quote: Happiness is when passion and career collide and you look forward to Monday.

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