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#NEWberry: Newberry Empowering Women Jul-Aug 2019

Newberry Downtown Development Association (NDDA) celebrates Newberry’s abundance of successful women leaders: Newberry Empowers Women. Join us as we highlight these amazing ladies who make a difference in our community! 

Barbara Miller

Business Consultant at the Newberry Area Small Business Development Center, Newberry Downtown Development Association, Newberry County Humane Society, Newberry County Master Gardeners Association, Newberry County Historical and Museum Society

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I lived out in the dirt-road country, a few miles between the college towns of Ann Arbor (UofM) and Ypsilanti (EMU).  Growing up there was the best of both worlds, rural and city. I left Ann Arbor when I was 18 and lived in Texas and Massachusetts. I moved to Columbia SC in 1975, and Newberry in 1992 so I feel quite Southern at this point. My late husband Franklin and I wanted to live in a small town where he could have his art studio.  We discovered a great old house on College Street. Our realtor introduced the idea of opening a Bed and Breakfast, we took a chance, and the rest is history. ​ My vision for Newberry is that Newberry has the potential to become a rarity, a small town that retains its distinctively quaint charms and still is very attractive to families and young people.  If we manage growth wisely and encourage innovation, we will become that town where everyone wishes they could live. 

The advice I would give my 20-year old self is  things will work out, just not always as you planned, so be open to change and savor each day of your life. ​

My Favorite Quote:“And I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” - Robert Frost

I admire Helen Garlington, Jane Crooks Britt and Margaret Brackett, all whom I have met since I moved here.  Miss Garlington, a Newberrian by choice, served overseas in WWII, taught music for many years and was a stalwart of our Community Players. Google her – she is amazing. I met Jane Britt when she was running a quirky little bookstore on Main Street.  Jane was born in Newberry, did not begin college until she was 50, smoked little brown cigarillos and was great fun to visit with. Google her, too. And everyone knows Margaret Brackett, so all I can say is I hope I can stay as involved and active as she does – I know I’ll never dress as smartly!

Shevonne Kelly,  ​Co-Owner, Steelhorse Smokehouse Downtown Newberry

Liz McDonald, Administrator, Newberry Chamber of Commerce

Karen Lindler Smith Newberry County Treasurer

Linda Trezoglou,

Manager, Tea Room inside The Gallery Downtown Newberry

Margeurite Girard,

Co-Owner, Bike Baby & Car Baby Downtown Newberry FastTrac

Katie Werts, Residential & Commercial Inspector, City of Newberry, Member of: Building Officials Association of SC and Upper State Code Enforcement Association of SC

Christie Whitaker,

Co-Owner & Funeral Director, Whitaker Funeral Home Downtown Newberry

Brenda Kinard,

Owner, A Touch of Class Beauty Salon Downtown Newberry

Dawn Barber,

Owner, Making it Personal Downtown Newberry

Heather Hawkins,

Ticketing and Guest Experience Manager, Newberry Opera House Downtown Newberry FastTrac 

Please share with us if you know a woman who is empowering Newberry.  We would love to add her to our growing list. Email us at:

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